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EuropCorr is a company specialized in design, manufacturing, sales and consultancy of corrosion monitoring systems mainly for petrochemical, oil and gas industry.
EuropCorr’s product range:
·Corrosion and material engineering
·Corrosion monitoring devices
·Corrosion monitoring instrumentation and software
·Chemical injection/sampling equipment
Sensorlinks main objective is to provide products which allow its customers to meet the demands of the modern oil and gas industry.

Sensorlink specializes in innovative solutions for pipeline integrity management, in particular problems related to corrosion and erosion.
Sensorlinks PipeMonit® and UltraMonit® system addresses clients’ need for effective and reliable corrosion/erosion monitoring and wall thickness measurements.
Pyropress products are designed to work in demanding and hazardous environments which require fast and cost effective solutions in instrumentation and control. Pyropress control sensors provide safe and reliable electrical switching of alarm or control circuits in response to changes in temperature, pressure, differential pressure,vacuum, fluid, flow and level conditions.
TEASISTEMI delivers customized solutions, advanced software and consulting services to our Clients.
Safelok provides a range of Valves and Instrumentation Fittings finished to the highest standards.
Safelok's products:
·Tube Fittings
·Instrumentation Pipe Fittings
·Admirality Bronze Tube Fittings
·Ball Valves
·Block & Bleed Valve
·Needle Valves & Manifolds
·High Pressure
·Y Pattern Bonnetless Stop Valves 1 & 2
Huaying Valve focused on providing complete and best solutions and products in multi-industries, especially in Petroleum, Chemical, Natural Gas , Power , Paper , Water-treatment, Pharmacy, Metallurgy and Construction etc.
Huaying Valve'sproducts:
·Gate Valve
·Globe Valve
·Check Valve
·Ball Valve
·Butterfly Valve
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